Submit PR

The website is for feature-length work only, limited to the following aspects of your production process.  The Facebook page tho is for projects of all lengths, and is a good place to promote even more info on your motion pictures, such as film fest showings or new reviews or images.  Please join the Facebook page and feel free to share away – we welcome the posts and updates! will promote the following:

CONCEPT – Starting work on a new screenplay? Gathering commitments from talent? Starting a fundraising campaign?

PRE-PRODUCTION – Securing locations? Movie all cast? Shoot dates announced?

PRODUCTION – Shooting your new movie? Let the world know.

POST-PRODUCTION – Production done? Editing started? Secured a musician? Unveiling art? Debuting trailers?

RELEASE – Your movie out on DVD? VOD? Self-distribution? Signed a distribution deal? Let people know where to find it.

Your press release should be formatted as such:

A) Title
B) 2-3 lines explaining what the Press Release is about.  This can also be a call to action (for example “Limited edition, grab it now!”)
C) Other important info – cast, crew, review quotes?
D) Synopsis of the Movie
E) Links, etc for people to find the movie, whether it be a site, an order link, a company link, social media links, trailer links, etc., or all these things.

Send us your press release, as well as 2-3 150-200 dpi .jpgs to webmaster at