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In the next week, is bringing back its popular catalog sales.  All filmmakers are welcome to join in.

1) Blu-Ray, DVD and VHS are welcome.

2) All genres are welcome.

3) Send us a summary and cover pic.

4) Send us a link to the trailer online if you have one.

5) Let us know what your SRP is (SRP means Suggested Retail Price).

6) We list the title at the SRP (and occasionally will put titles on sale).  When we sell your movie, we pay you 50% of the SRP.  So if your movie is priced at $20 and we sell a copy, we pay you $10.

7) You fulfill the order. We will send you the buyers name and address – so you get a new contact.

8) You cover the shipping… but hey, you are reaching a new customer who likely will be buying off you directly now.

9) Send us the tracking # once you ship. Please ship within 1-2 days of receiving order.

10) Invoice us, we pay you within 30 days (just making sure the customer has gotten the item and is satisfied).


It’s that simple!  Email us for more info, questions or just to add your titles to!