Our old post card we used to mail out and include with orders.

B-Movie.com started as B-Movie Theater in 1996 as website utilizing the space AOL gave users.  It was the FIRST site in cyberspace dedicated strictly to underground cinema.  A few years later, the b-movie.com url was secured and became the permanent address.  For years we offered 1000’s of indie movies for sales along with articles, interviews and reviews of b-movies from around the world.  Eventually the site was licensed to MVD who overhauled it, dropping the old catalog and articles.  The licensing deal expired a few years ago and b-movie.com has laid dormant since, simply directing people to our srscinema.com company site.

But in our efforts to promote our latest production, “She Kills”, we found a definite lack of sites dedicated to promoting underground cinema through all aspects of production – from concept thru release.  Some sites would only promote the movie once it had a trailer.  Other would only list info on it once it had a definite release date.  Some would only mention it once, and that was it, no more, no matter what the news was.  Well b-movie.com is dedicated to promoting your work all the way through the process.  We personally like to follow the progress of an indie production, how it goes from simply being an idea through the long and usually difficult (but always interesting) journey to eventually make it into the hands of fans around the world.  And we believe there are other fans like us who are also interested in this.  So if you are filmmaker with a new movie, then pop on over to our SUBMIT PR page and send us your press release, a few images or links, and let us help you reach the fans you deserve!




PS The old site still exists online, check it out HERE if you’re so inclined.

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