Scathing Preparing to Soothe the Fans Upon Release


Scathing Poster Large
The fine team at Mazz Appeal have announced they are now promoting the finalization of their new film, “Scathing”, and now seeking distribution.  The movie starsJohn Kyle, Allie Sparks, Michael Frascino, Lisa Ayers Acaro, Will Haze, Lori Katz, Chris Shepardson, Paola Duque, Bob Glazier, David McMahon and George Petrick.
“A young couple are stranded in a remote location for several days without food or water, while a massive, giant, madman stalks their every move, proving it impossible for them to escape unscathed. “
You can follow the progress of the movie @:
Scathing was produced by Mazz Appeal Films at and directed by Joseph A. Mazzaferro.
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