American Guinea Pig “Bloodshock” in Final Fundraiser Days



BLOODSHOCK is in its final days… 13 to be exact, that are left on the Indiegogo Presales for limited Edition DVD’s, BD-r’s, Perks, Props, Tees and even Sneakers. Were trying to presell at least, 30,000.00 to pay back the budget for Bloodshock and hopefully, make the next in the American Guinea Pig Series. DVD”s of the pre-sale from Indiegogo will be shipping in March, early April of this year. The film is finished, so your not waiting a year to be able to see the film. Props are sold along with the dvd’s that were used in the film. Were actually selling everything to try to move ahead with AGP, faster then a normal release.


The 3 disc, limited edition retail version will not hit the streets until September or October of this year. Due to a 6 month window for distribution of finalized dvd’s and blu rays for retail ordering, we figured it would be best for fans of the extreme series and ourselves to continue the series with limited edition, signed and numbered, alternate and gore covers for those who pre-buy the film straight from us, using Indiegogo to help with the shares on social media. Normally, a movie is made, sold for distribution and after a year of selling, the budget is made back and hopefully, the film maker can make the next film. We are doing the opposite and selling, limited editions, to get the ball rolling and not stagnant in creating ultra gore films for the gorehounds out there.


We have a share contest, were the top ten sharers of the indiegogo pre-sale of Bloodshock recieve a special limited edition dvd of bloodshock, limited to 25 copies that will only be given to the share winners and cast and crew.

Anyone who buys or bought a limited edition dvd or blu, will be added to the special thank you section in the credits of AGP: Bloodshock. Anyone who buys or bought a special perk or prop will be added to a special section in the credits.

A limited edition Big Box vhs, limited to 50 copies made by Vultra Video will be signed and numbered by cast and crew.


Directed by Marcus Koch (100 Tears, Fell, AGP: Bouquet of Guts and Gore)
Written by Stephen Biro (Philosophy of a Knife, AGP: Bouquet of Guts and Gore, Bubba the Redneck Werewolf)
Starring: Dan Ellis (Gutterballs, Hanger)
Lillian McKinley
Andy Winton
Gene Palubicki
Alberto Giovanelli
FX by Oddtopsy FX, Marcus Koch, Cat Bernier, Chris Polidoro, Melanie Dead, Stephen Biro
Soundtrack by Kristian Day, Screamerclauz, Gene Palubicki (Angel Corpse, Perdition Temple)
Produced by Unearthed Films, Stephen Biro and Oddtopsy FX


SYNOPSIS: man finds himself trapped and used for medical experiments in an abandoned mental facility. He doesn’t understand why or how he got there, but the surgical tortures allow him to experience a new level of pain, sadness and reality he has never felt before. As the levels of maniacal mutilation enfolds, he finds himself down the rabbit hole. Grasping onto anything, the tormented finds a way out. Clutching onto what every human being is desperate for…little does he understand, his ending is all of our endings.”


Here is a list of the films, lined up for the American Guinea Pig Series… All titles are tentative and subject to change.

BOUQUET OF GUTS AND GORE Directed by Stephen Biro
BLOODSHOCK Directed by Marcus Koch
DARM NIRVANA Directed by Felipe Eluti (Visceral: Between the Ropes of Madness)
THE GROWING WOMAN Directed by (Secret Director)
THE MUTILATION SYMPHONY Directed by (Secret Director)
XXXXX XXX XXXXXXX Directed by (Super Secret Director)
EXORCISTS Directed by Stephen Biro

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