Hooker With a Rocket Launcher Takes Aim on Pre-Production



Chad Media, the team behind Witchstalker, The Young and the Undead and the award winning Zombie Vigilante bring you a short film that will make the world’s oldest profession a bit more explosive. Load up the bomb shelter and get plenty of money from the ATM machine because here comes HOOKER WITH A ROCKET LAUNCHER!

Misty was just an ordinary prostitute trying to make ends meet on the streets of Bakerstown when she was thrust into a revolution. President Justin has unleashed zombies to wipe out the poor neighborhoods to save money on social programs. It’s up to Misty, Kyle and Pondo to stop this before the President can take his flesh eating genocide nationwide. Can Misty get enough clients to cover her rent for the month while still kicking serious zombie ass? Find out by checking out HOOKER WITH A ROCKET LAUNCHER.
Chad Media hopes to make Hooker With a Rocket Launcher into a feature film in the not too distant future. Stay tuned for an indiegogo campaign to be launched sometime in the new year.
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