Found Footage Fans, get Ready to Hit “Play”

5/11/14, Nottingham, UK


” |> PLAY ” is an upcoming Found Footage Anthology Feature produced by Sick Bunny Pictures & FFHMFG Productions.It will feature a diverse team of filmmakers from across the world Nikki Chatwin, Austin Singer, Dusty Austin, Ron Hudson, Alexander Faulkner, Sean Brown, Rui Melo, Wayne John Davies and Steven Payne.

From hardcore found footage fans to more experienced indie award winning directors telling a collection of diverse original stories via the Found Footage format about Body Snatchers, Hitmen, Aliens, Slashers and much more. |> PLAY is currently in production now and is looking for a release in the Fall of 2014.


You can follow the production at the official facebook page
or head over to the offical Youtube channel for Exclusive Clips,interviews & Trailers

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