“Witchstalker” Hits DVD & VHS via Screamtime Films!


Witchstalker cover art

Chad Media is proud to announce that WITCHSTALKER, starring Sophie Chic and Debbie Rochon, is now available on DVD and VHS through Screamtime Films. We are equally stoked about the fact that WITCHSTALKER is also available online for download and for rent on Amazon!


Jerica, (Sophie Chic,) has had a pretty crazy night. She broke every single one of the “Scream” Scary Movie Rules…and lived! By doing so, she becomes the WITCHSTALKER… the latest in a long line of witch killers who have kept humanity safe. With the help of Wilder (her watcher), Jerica must fight zombies, werewolves and other ghouls to stop the evil witch Ivana, (Debbie Rochon,) from using her army of undead to take over the world!
You can purchase a VHS or DVD copy of WITCHSTALKER here:
You can rent or download WITCHSTALKER via Amazon here:
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