“Scream Machine” Tunes in some VHS Action This Sunday Night



Scarlet Fry is back with another anthology, this time in the form of “Scream Machine”! The new release, limited to just 25 units, will include the VHS, a DVD-R of the full movie (the regular DVD release won’t be available until Fall) and a mini-poster. Here’s the synopsis:

After the Ebola outbreak wipes out the Earth’s entire population, Dr. Fry & Dr. Headly Graves bring you “Scream Machine”, the only form of entertainment left on Earth. As a gift to Dr Fry from his long lost friend Lloyd Kaufman comes 5 twisted tales: “Sledgehammer”, “Cannibal Pen Pals”, “April Fool’s Party”, “Septic Shock” & “The Deadly Indie Drive-in”. Each tales features the three M’s of Horror -” Madness”, “Murder” & “Mayhem”. “Scream Machine” is guaranteed to make you faint, puke & quite possibly soil your pants!

Get it HERE once live!


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