Casting and Concept Art for Gregory Lamberson’s “Killer Rack”

5/8/2014 – Buffalo, NY

Killer Rack Teaser Poster
Author and filmmaker Gregory Lamberson (Slime City Massacre, Dry Bones) is preparing to direct the screwball horror comedy Killer Rack in Buffalo, New York this summer.  The film was written by actor Paul McGinnis, and is being produced by Lamberson, McGinnis and special make-up effects ace Rod Durick, author of Filming the Undead: How to Make Your Own Zombie Movie.  Creature effects will be handled by Arick Szymecki.

Jessica Zwolak stars as Betty, an insecure woman who blames her unsatisfying professional and romantic life on her physique.  Believing breast implants will turn her life around, Betty seeks the aid of a surgeon named Dr. Thulu (Debbie Rochon).  Her life improves for the better with one side effect: at night, while she is unconscious, her new breasts take control of her body and seek men to seduce…and devour.  Our heroine discovers her new implants are Lovecraftian monsters hell bent on world domination.

“Paul’s script is one of the best I’ve ever read, and certainly the funniest,” says Lamberson.  “This could be the biggest cult film I’ve been involved with, and I’ve worked on a few.  It has real breakout potential. There are so many different levels of humor at work: slapstick, nerd humor, relationship humor, female empowerment humor, horror spoof humor.  It’s going to be a film that horror fans and non-horror fans can both love.  We’re putting together the perfect cast to make this fire on all cylinders.  Paul wrote Debbie’s part with her in mind, and she did some wonderful comedy in Dry Bones.”

boobs cropped

Zwolak, a relative newcomer, appeared in McGinnis and Durick’s short film The Camper and has a small role in Dry Bones, which Lamberson wrote and co-directed with Michael O’Hear.

“Paul had a supporting role in Bones, and Jessica played his romantic interest,” says Lamberson.  “After the shoot, Paul told me he thought Jessica’s comic timing made her perfect for Betty in Killer Rack.   It’s  great role, and people are definitely going to notice her. She also played multiple roles in Gave Up the Ghost, the short I directed for the Creepers anthology, and was really funny in that.”

David Marancik will play an Igor-like character to Rochon’s mad scientist.  The foursome will be joined by Samantha Hoy (who appears in Rochon’s directorial debut Model Hunger) as Betty’s office rival; O’Hear and Alexander McBryde (Black Guy on a Rampage) as two detectives; Sam Qualiana (The Legend of Six FIngers) as Betty’s insensitive boyfriend; horror author Sephera Giron as a gypsy; Robert Bozek as a bumbling policeman; and Kim Piazza as Betty’s friend.  Additional roles are being cast during the fundraising process, including two Lamberson anticipates filling with cult figures.


On the horror front, Lamberson promises a memorable title monster.

“There are different permutations of the Boobs throughout the film, culminating in an outrageous form.  Some are funny, some are scary, all of them are outrageous.  Arick Szymecki has done special make-up effects on several of my films now, and this will be his first time running that department.  I love the designs that he and artist Dave Setlik created.  Maybe it will be the one that puts Buffalo on the map.”

Killer Rick is expected to continue shooting through mid-September.

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