Scarlet Fry Wants to Take You on a Trip Aboard the “Scream Machine”




Scarlet Fry (“Horrorama”) is back with some more madness, this time in the form of “Scream Machine”, his latest horror anthology.  Our own Andrew Peters sat down with him to talk about this new production, coming soon in a special edition VHS from Sub Rosa Studios.


Andrew Peters:  First of all, thank you very much for finding the time to talk with us. Secondly, what the hell is going on in that trailer!? There seems to be a lot of chaos going on!


Scarlet Fry: Well we have two trailers one is a lot like an old school 70’s Grindhouse Trailer and the other is a Music Video Trailer, The theme song Scream Machine is very punk so we made the trailer pretty chaotic like the song, the film has some chaos for sure at points but is really just a good old fashioned gore fest with some style here & some chaos there, it’s a good mixture of things.


AP: It’s five tales, all directed by you, rather than the usual ‘one director per story’ as anthologies seem to go. What kind of challenges did you face when directing a handful of different stories? I imagine at times it must have got confusing?


SF: Not really. We focused on one segment at a time & I had a lot of help from Paul C. Hemmes when it came to the look of the film & getting the actors to do what we needed them to do. Paul was really good at that, so with his help it was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. It was also a lot of fun to make.




AP: Even though there are five stories, the size of the overall cast seems smaller than one would expect. Was this something you kept in mind while writing?


SF: Not really. We would write a segment & then get the actors we needed to make each one. Some segments required more actors the others, but all in all we just wrote what we wanted and things just naturally turned out the way they did. I wrote 3 segments & Paul C Hemmes wrote two of them. After those were finalized, we both collaborated on the Host sequence, in which was played by myself & Paul.


AP: What some people may not know is how quickly and difficult these kinds of shoots can be. About how long would you shoot for each day and how long was your production overall?


SF: We shot most of the segments in a day. Some took 2 days. The longest we would shoot for any one day would be about 8 hrs.


AP: Of the five stories, which is your favorite?


SF: My Favorite is April Fools Party & Deadly Drive In.


AP: Also of the five stories, which one did you find to be the most difficult either with production or while scripting?


SF: Honestly, they all went pretty easy, because we really planned out each one. I’d say April Fools Party was the most difficult to shoot due to the amount of actors, and really getting that chaotic vibe we needed but everyone involved did a stand up job. I’d say the intro with Lloyd Kaufman was the most difficult to edit.


AP: Of course, the gore is a big part. Was there a strange sense of joy you felt when it came time to film those scenes or did you get the dread of worrying if things wouldn’t work out?


SF:  Not at all. The gore is always the funnest stuff to do & it all went really smooth. We had a great team of guys on this shoot.


AP: Did you have any kind of influences in mind when making Scream Machine? 


SF: Always Herschel Gordon Lewis has been a big influence in my films & guys Like John Waters. We really tried to mix gore with comedy and I think it worked really well.


AP: Was there anything that you had to omit from the film, if any, something you could mention?


SF: Nothing had to be omitted which was a blessing.



AP: What’s next for you? Letting the next project happen when the time comes or something already cooking?


SF: There’s always something around the corner. Something bigger & better, but for now, we are just gonna enjoy the release of this one & shortly we will start working on something new. We have thrown around some ideas, but nothing is set in stone yet. I will say the next project will have bigger names & a lot more money put into it and will most likely be a full length feature, something that all horror fans can sink their teeth into.


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