“Godzilla” Hotel Promises to Give True Kaiju Experience!



It’s finally actually happened! Godzilla has literally taken over Tokyo! Well, at least one bedroom in a hotel, but it’s a start. The 30-story Hotel Gracery, based in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo, opens on April 24th of this year and for a mere $334 a night (please not my sarcasm) or $417 for a weekend night, guests can stay in the Godzilla Room, no doubt soon to be the King of Monsters tourist spot.


The room features a large kaiju statue and plenty of memorable around for those selfie moments. Speaking of, even if that is a bit out of your price range, there is still plenty of kaiju to be found, like an enormous Godzilla head that protrudes out the top of the hotel, which happens to sit above the Toho Cinema, the company that made the Godzilla flicks.


-Andrew Peters

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