Scream Queen Tina Krause Talks About Directing the Horror Movie “Limbo”



Tina Krause’s 90’s SOV directorial debut just got the new era VHS release from Sub Rosa this past weekend.  Not a lot is out there on “Limbo”, and the fans who have heard of it don’t know much about it.  So our own Andrew Peters sat down with Tina to dig deeper into this trippy little horror film.

Andrew Peters:  I don’t think Limbo is going to be what people are expecting; a T&A filled slasher. Care to let the folks know what it’s about?

Tina Krause:  Well its definitely not a slasher. I would classify it as an experimental horror and even more so a really bad trip.

AP: It certainly seems much darker in tone than one would expect. Were you drawing inspiration from something that was happening at the time?

TK: Questioning an inner hell


AP: Even though female horror directors are much more widely accepted today, do you think folks will be shocked that you wrote and directed Limbo?

TK: Not then people who know me, they expect nothing less. The rest of the world ….. well I’m not sure but it may raise an eyebrow or two. I can say that I showed it to two directors and they wanted to know what was wrong with me I later worked with them as a production designer on a commercial , a movie and two TV shows.

AP: Given what Limbo is about, did you realize it was going to be so effects heavy?

TK: Yes I did. I planned out those effects and flew in an FX artist that I had worked with on another project. Ya figure I wrote it so I better know whats involved.

AP: Was there a point when you weren’t sure if the effects were going to come together or when you looked at an effect and though, “Wow, this really coming together.”

TK: I didn’t have any effects problems, the FX artist was really good and timely. Sean knew what he was doing. Yes there were a lot of times where I was impressed by the effect cause it looked better than I thought it would. I still to this day look at some of those FX and be like WOW.


AP: The music seems equally important, since Limbo is really a sight and sound experience. Did you know the type of music you wanted from the start or was it something that happened during editing?

TK: I had an idea but it wasn’t exactly what you heard. I basically told Mike to look at some of the footage and I wanted something along “these lines” he went home and created most of the “sound music” you hear. If I’m not mistaken he created it on his guitar.

AP: Was there something you wanted to include in the film, but it didn’t work, either effects or budget wise?

TK: Nope.

AP: Between acting, writing and directing, which did you find to be most difficult? And of those, which one do you like doing the most?

TK: Well to be honest they are all difficult, I don’t find one easier to do than the other. Wow well when I’m lazy I like writing the most. When I’m awake and alive I like acting and when I’m acting I want so badly to be directing.

AP: From pre-production to post, how long did Limbo take?

TK:  It took a while not exactly sure how long in total to be honest. We had to re shoot a lot of things due to some issues and we had to match sets. The bar is two totally different places we lost that bar a day early so I had to match the scene to a set I designed at a VFW. There was a lot of things in between too.


AP: Can you tell us what was your most fond memory, good or bad, from the set?

TK:  Humm I had a lot…. this was kinda funny so we shot for a couple of days and gave everyone off till the following weekend. I basically wanted a certain look for the ending and wasn’t happy with what I had so I figured the sound guy and I can scout some locations in the warehouse. I went to the other end of the warehouse, we jumped in the freight elevator… side note my sound Sean’s leg is in a cast. I take the elevator to the basement(sub basement) which is locked on weekends. I didn’t know that I also didn’t know that if you take the elevator to the basement on the weekends it won’t go back up till Monday when they switch on power to the entire building…. nice. Just for reference we were shooting in an old tobacco factory. I climbed out got one of the crew to help get Sean out and after all that had to deal with some drugs dealer starting shit with my producer and actor…. oh what a day.

AP: You were discovered by accident at a convention one day, which must be a dream come true. Before that, was filmmaking and being in films something you wanted to pursue?

TK:  No. I was a graphic designer and 3D illustrator at the time. I had being doing artwork and such and pretty much just wanted to work for a record label doing design work.


AP: Obviously, horror is a genre you love. When it comes time to get bloody, is it something you look forward to?

TK: HECK NO! Let’s be honest who wants to sit in karo syrup for hours either in the cold or heat. Oh and you will be in an uncomfortable position for a while probably in the woods with bugs crawling up your ass. Now does that sound like fun?

AP: You’ve been doing film for quite a long time. Was there ever a point where you wanted to say, “I’m done!”?

TK: I did. I stepped away from horror for a little while. I stopped doing conventions and kinda got into another side of movies and acting. For a moment I went to to learn about set design, was doing musicals and plays. I started doing more comedy and drama which I still do to this day… I guess you can say I still do all of it. But if your asking “Did I ever give up?” NO. I never gave up… you can’t in this industry.

AP: Looking back, if you hadn’t been discovered that day, what do you think you would be doing right now?

TK: I would be an art director or would’ve opened up an art shipping company which is almost what happened.

AP: Do you see being labeled a “Scream Queen” a badge of honor or maybe not so much, like the term is misinterpreted?

TK: You know what I have always had mixed feelings about the title Scream Queen but the only reason why is because of what it meant to other people and not what it meant to me. As the years went by I care less and less about what people think about the title Scream Queen and hey I can wear that as a badge of honor…I know very well what I’m capable of and what it took to get this wonderful title

AP: What’s next for you?

TK: Well I’m turning a short horror story that got published a few years ago into a feature. There’s a lot of films that just came out and a few more I’m slated for.

AP: Tina, thank you very much for talking with us today!


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