Tina Krause’s Directorial Effort Returns from “Limbo” for VHS Release



Tina Krause’s rarely seen but intriguing directorial effort “Limbo” returns to VHS this Sunday night from Sub Rosa Studios.

Catherine is a woman haunted by dark and disturbing images. She travels through the waking world, but sees things others do not. At first it would seem that her sanity is in question, but is it? Or is this something far worse than mental illness? Catherine is caught between this world and the next, Heaven and Hell. She is in her own purgatory where reality and dark visions meld into one.


Quote from the B-Movie Man: Krause uses simple special effects and creative camera work to masterfully create the dark world that Catherine journeys through. Many of Krause’s visuals, which at first appear provocative and erotic (such as a nude woman outlined in a doorway), reveal themselves to be much more sinister and macabre (the same woman then having her abdomen ripped open by disembodied hands). This creates an atmosphere of confusion that allows the viewer to understand Catherine’s own bewilderment as she struggles to understand the world around her. Krause also uses the film’s soundtrack to effectively enhance the surrealist feeling of the film. The combination of intense sight and sound created by Limbo makes it an intense experience to watch.

Limbo008The new release comes in a clam shell version only complete with DVD-R and poster of James Reilly’s awesome artwork. It goes LIVE for presales Sunday night, March 1st, at 7pm EST. Grab it HERE once available.


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