Dark “Power Rangers” Fan Film Blows up the Internet



By now you’ve probably seen the “Power Rangers” fan film circling the internet and generating some good buzz for it’s new take on the campy kids TV show.  But is a new trend developing in the industry for filmmakers to get their dream projects greenlit?

The Internet and sites like Youtube open up vast possibilities for hopeful young filmmakers and onscreen personalities to be “discovered” these days.  But now there’s a new, interesting option out there for filmmakers of all levels, and not just the low budget, struggling kind:  create fan fiction for their favorite franchises, generating buzz from fans and giving dream projects life.  There’s a new “Alien” film coming after Neill Blomkamp teased some Instagram photo ideas for a sequel, now will there be a big budget “Power Rangers” film next?  And in what other innovative ways will we see from filmmakers to get their ideas out there, make them viral, and get studio heads not only to take notice but to fully grasp their alternative visions on popular properties from all different medias? Hopefully this developing trend will lead to some new and innovative debuts, sequels and remakes – hell, if we have to live with sequels and remakes, might as well be good ones right?

And frankly, as a filmmaker, I’m excited at the possibilities. Now where’s that “Star Wars” fan film idea I was work on?

For the record, producer and Hollywood veteran Adi Shankar has done other fan films, and calls this “Power Rangers” take a satire. But would he turn down a studio if they wanted to give this dark vision of the series a proper big (or small) screen treatment? Doubtful…

So enough chat, check out the actual fan film from director Joseph Kahn and it’s nerdtastic cast:


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