Fans Never Forget a Haunting


Watch out creepy “Shining” twins!


101 Films wants to remind you that “The Dead Never Forget” on February 23rd with their UK release of the chilling haunting flick, A Haunting at Silver Falls. This twin based horror follows the life of a young orphaned girl living in a new small town of, Silver Falls and what happens in the film is said to be quite ghastly.

For now, this is only a region 2 release, so you’ll have to order an import and have a European DVD player. The film is directed by Brent Donowho (The Speak) and stars Steve Bacic, who played Dr. Hank McCoy during a scene in X2: X-Men United, Tara Westwood (Surviving Family), James Cavlo (When it Rains) and Erick Avari (The Mummy).


Recently orphaned teen Jordan is sent to live with her aunt and uncle in the small town of Silver Falls. Clashing with her newfound guardians, Jordan develops a burgeoning friendship with a curious classmate that leads to a shocking discovery; according to local legend, two young twins who were killed by their father have cast a dark spell over Silver Falls. When Jordan finds a mysterious ring, the murdered girls’ restless spirits begin to shadow her every move. Meanwhile, Jordan’s concerned aunt and uncle refer her to a therapist who sees medication and hospitalization as the only solution to her problems. As the frightened teen fights to prove her sanity, a killer draws near. Can Jordan free the twins’ spirits or will she be the next spirit haunting the small town of Silver Falls?

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