“District 9” Filmmaker to Recycle New “Alien” Movie



News from Neill Blomkamp’s kamp, nicely timed as his latest work “Chappie” nears release,  is that the “District 9” creator will helm an all new Alien movie.

Blomkamp had previously teased some “Alien” images for a potential sequel that he may or may not have been approached to make.  If not, then he pulled off something unique in getting the sequel greenlit.  Maybe we’ll see a new wave of filmmakers vying for projects by teasing ideas via social media outlets?


As a fan of “District 9”, one of my all-time favorite movies, I’m excited.  As someone disappointed (but not devastated, it had it’s moments) by “Elysium”, I have to give pause.  “Chappie” looks good, but will Bloomkamp shake up his signature look for a new “Alien”?  Expect a dirty, grim take on the “Alien” series that ends with an audience rousing message of hope.

No production or release dates have been announced yet.  Watch for more news soon.

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