Take a Fish Eye Look at the New Aquaman

2/20/15 – USA


Zack Snyder gave DC Comic fans a sneak peak at the new Aquaman on Twitter today… no surprise really that he opted for a monochrome look and ditched the orange/green suit most people picture when the Undersea King’s name comes up.

Monochrome seems to be the modern look for DC super heroes these days, no?

Tho Aquaman takes some heavy ribbing from critics and fans (who can forget that “Family Guy” bit?), Jason Momoa’s casting in the role actual gives hope that this character could see a whole new level of respect once the new “Batman vs Superman” movie hits theaters.  As a bonus , this picture seems to answer the age old question, yes, you can get a tattoo under water.  Wonder if it hurts less?

“Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” hits theaters March 25th, 2016.

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