Forget a New “Indiana Jones”, check out “Skipper Smith”!

2/19/15 – Canada


Canadian movie director Brett Kelly is hard at work in the fundraising stage of what will be his 28th
feature film “Skipper Smith and the Really Important Thing”, a parody of the Indiana Jones series.
Skipper Smith will be Kelly’s third feature comedy following the award winning movies Spyfall (a
parody of Bond films) and My Fair Zombie, a musical comedy zombie film.

Skipper Smith is co-written by Kelly and frequent collaborator Trevor Payer. The movie will star
Peter Whittaker (Hell at My Heels) in the title role and Candice Lidstone (Homicycle) as Marion

Kelly is asking the public for help in the crowdfunding stage of the movie.

The indiegogo page for the movie is at

The facebook page for the movie is at

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