Devils in Disguise seeks Funding!

12/3/14 – Cannes, France


Guillaume Campanacci sent us this bit of info on his new movie.  “Inspired by Robert Rodriguez first film: El Mariachi, Darren Aronofsky first film: Pi, Christopher Nolan first film: Following, and Shane Carruth first film: Primer, I wrote, directed, produced, edited, shot and acted in my first feature film, Devils in Disguise, for a ridiculously low budget: 4500$, to keep total creative control. Devils in Disguise is a psychological drama, a fucked up movie. The movie had amazing press at the Cannes Film Festival.”

“One of the more interesting & unusual crowdfunding videos I’ve seen” Mark Stolaroff (Independent Producer Legend)

The INDIEGOGO campaign we launched for post production and promotion funds for Devils in Disguise reached 80% of its goal in 12 days. This is crazy!

Here is the campaign:



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