“The Bride of Frank” Vows One Last Return to VHS from Sub Rosa Studios

10/8/14 – Syracuse, NY

brideoffranksrsThe legendary cult classic, “The Bride of Frank”, one of the most notorious movies ever made, return to VHS one final time this Sunday night from Sub Rosa Studios. Available previously in a clam shell edition, IF you can find the ultra rare VHS release, this time it will also get the Big Box treatment.

“Frank O’Brien is a smelly but lovable ex-homeless man who works at a warehouse in the industrial wastelands of New Jersey. He has a job, an apartment in the warehouse, and five cats. But Frank is lonely. He needs a woman. One of his co-worker places a Personals ad for Frank in a local paper. The ad draws a series of obnoxious, bitchy, demanding women – and one good one who will become The Bride of Frank. The others. well, they’re not so lucky. See, Frank’s a proud man — “a workin’ man” — who won’t tolerate being insulted or abused. When his dates make unfair judgments about his age or his appearance, Frank loses his temper and kills them. Kills them in SPECTACULAR ways. Moral of the story: Don’t mess with Frank.”


The Clam Shell ($25) and Big Box ($35) include the VHS, respective art, poster, DVD and photo card. The Deluxe edition ($50) includes VHS, both covers, poster, photo card, the Mondo Trash double DVD (“Bride of Frank” and “Throg”) and a bonus VHS regular clam shell of “World War III”, a short spoof made by the filmmaker. Since “The Bride of Frank” and “Mondo Trash” are both nearly sold out on DVD now, this release should basically exhaust that inventory. So not only is it the last time you can get this movie on VHS, shortly the DVD will be gone forever too.

The release, limited to JUST 30 units, goes on sale Sunday night 7pm EST. Get it HERE once available.

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