“Geek War” and “The Bonesetter/Night Songs” Debut on VHS Friday at SCARE-A-CON

9/10/14 – Verona, NY


Sub Rosa has 2 new VHS titles coming at you this Friday as part of the VHS Fest activities at SCARE-A-CON. First up is Chris Seaver’s long delayed and arguably finest effort “Geek War”. Joining the fun is Brett Kelly’s cult hit “The Bonesetter” which includes his first effort, the never before seen SOV horror short “Night Songs”. Both arrive in clam shell only editions and include DVD’s as extras (“Geek War” is the fully packaged DVD which debuts world wide later his month).


These 2 titles will premiere at SCARE-A-CON and are limited to just 30 units each. Any leftover copies will go up for sale Monday morning on the Sub Rosa site. They won’t last.

Get them HERE Monday morning if any are left… the page will be updated with the titles that morning. They should go live around 10am EST.

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