Dirty Cop No Donut 1 & 2 Set to Serve Time on VHS This Sunday

8/27/14 – Syracuse, NY

Untitled-2Tim Ritter’s found footage cult classic, “Dirty Cop No Donut”, shakes the shackles of DVD temporarily to return to VHS in another of our limited edition releases. Limited to just 30 copies, this release, under the original production name of “Low Down Dirty Cop”, includes uncut versions of both the original movie and the sequel “I am a Pig: Dirty Cop No Donut Part 2”.

“Dirty Cop No Donut” – DARE TO WITNESS REALITY TV GONE BAD! DIRTY COP NO DONUT follows a police officer on the beat and his nightly routine. Things get out of control when patrolman Gus Kimble (aka Officer Friendly) decides to mug it up for the camera, showing off his dark side. Using his badge as a ticket for debauchery, no one is safe from Officer Friendly’s wrath, including hookers, drug dealers, sex offenders, partying teens, drunk drivers, pawn shop owners, stewbums, and abusive husbands. You’ll cheer as this underdog cop takes the law into his own hands and slugs out his own brand of justice to each and every perp that crosses his path. Dare to witness this true-crime shockumentary in the style of COPS. Is it real? You decide! Just keep repeating…it’s only a video, only a video, only a video…

“I am a Pig: Dirty Cop No Donut 2” – Officer Gus Kimball gets out of jail and teams up with a new cameraman, Sam “Fanboy”. They pick up right where he left off, harassing local “perps” with a vengeance. But when Gus finds out that his brother Ed has gotten rich off his previous video rampage, he’s a man on a mission… Meanwhile, Cousin Simon Cutter has teamed up with Ed and they are making their own video. Simon has been suspended from the police force during an investigation of alleged corruption, and he will stop at nothing to keep his job. He starts by kidnapping the Mayor’s daughter and humiliating her on video. Where he goes from there is so shocking that it must be seen to be believed!

“Low Down Dirty Cop” will be a 2 pack VHS release. Buyers will have the option getting the release in clam shell form (2 clams, each with full art), big box (an extra wide big box) or deluxe. Clam and Big Box will include VHS, DVD, Poster and Photo Card. Deluxe will include both the big box and clam shell art (each clam shell will have full art), DVD, Poster, Photo card & Gus Kimble Lego.

Clam Shell will be priced at $35 – yes 2 fully packaged VHS tapes for just $35! That’s the normal cost for 1 VHS from other companies. Big Box and Deluxe will also be killer deals, $45 for the Big Box and $60 for the Deluxe.

Again, limited to just 30 copies among all 3 release forms! GET IT HERE once available!

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