“THE SONS OF JIHAD part 1” – Brutal Horror Film Seeks Funding

8/26/14 – UK


Writer, filmmaker Steven Brown of DeadEye Pictures UK is making a new brutal independent horror film called “The Sons of Jihad” about Islamic extremists who abduct western women in a new wave of terror to hit the UK. The cast includes UK horror babe MARIA LEE METHERINGHAM and AMY WALSH of Emmerdale/sister of Girls Aloud Kimberly Walsh.

“Our crowdfunding campaign is very important to generate the funds needed to complete our project” explains Steven, “and it features all our latest footage. Our film will be shocking and very brutal but its not just about the violence because its a character driven story about how people cope in extreme circumstances and how religious extremism is now a terrifying reality. We have had serious hate mail and threats of violence from people due to the content but that has made us more determined to carry on and will no doubt anger all the haters out there. In the end all we are doing is making a film and we are not forcing people to watch it.”

Steven goes on further to explain, “What makes our project unique is that according to peoples opinions and the hate mail we are getting is that we have now put our lives and families lives in danger (for real) just for making this horror film about Islamic extremism. I don’t see why in a modern society its ok to make films about Christianity and other religions EXCEPT the Muslim faith and why there is such an issue because the film is dealing with real life situations.”

The crowd funding page can be found on Indiegogo currently.

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