“PIG PEN” A teen runaway, a tale of revenge

8/25/14 – USA


From the creators of 7th Day(2013)Dire Wit Films, Starring Vito Trigo(Return to Nukem High, Science Team), Filming October 2014, fundraising now.

PIG PEN is the story of a thirteen year old runaway, Zack. played by Lucas Koch (Science Team, 7th Day, Witch’s Brew) Who is tormented by his mother’s abusive boyfriend, Wayne. played by Vito Trigo (Return to Nukem High, Science Team) Wayne eventually forces Zack to live in the streets. Until a murder has the two face to face in a tale of bloodshed and revenge.

Off of Dire Wit Film’s recent success with their serial killer film 7th Day(2013) The original production team return. With Jason Koch (7th Day, M is for Munging) directing again and Mark Leake(7th Day, Mutantis) returning to script a story by Jason Koch and Clint Kelly(M is for Munging) Steve Rubac(7th Day, Witch’s Brew)returns to director of photography to capture the action and violence. Kaleigh Brown fresh from working on Astron 6 “The Editor” returns with Aftermath FX(Science Team, 7th Day, V/H/S 2, Return to Nukem High) to deliver more gore FX. Paul Joyce(7th Day, The Editor, Father’s Day) is set to bring his signature score.

They have an Indie Go Go campaign for “PIG PEN” that will close on September 24, 2014 (11:59pm PT). Here is the link to our campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/pig-pen/x/7376882#home

Here’s a link to our trailer for “PIG PEN”:

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