8/8/14 – Buffalo, NY

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Indie film company Slaughtered Lamb Productions has released the first set of stills from Killer Rack, a horror comedy shooting at the Pierce Arrow Film Arts Center in Buffalo, New York. The film, written by Paul McGinnis, is directed by Gregory Lamberson (Slime City Massacre, Dry Bones) and is co-produced by Lamberson, McGinnis and Rod Durick (Filming the Undead: How to Make Your Own Zombie Movie). Newcomer Jessica Zwolak stars as Betty, a young woman who discovers her new breast implants are man eating monsters. Debbie Rochon co-stars as Dr. Cate Thulu, Lloyd Kaufman plays psychiatrist Howard Foin, and Brooke Lewis voices the titular monsters.

Jessica Debbie exam

The photos depict Betty’s initial examination by Dr. Thulu and a confrontation which occurs later in the film. Robert Bozek plays Thulu’s nurse, Herbie East. Additional photos are behind the scenes shots of a disarming date between Betty and her boyfriend Dutch (Sam Qualiana, writer-director-star of Snow Shark: Ancient Snow Beast and The Legend of Six Fingers, both of which Lamberson produced) post surgery. Betty’s boobs, fabricated in all its incarnations by special make-up effects artists Arick Szymeci and Stacey Book, are being kept under wraps.

Greg Jessica

“We shot fifteen pages of the script, all featuring Jessica, Debbie and Bob our first weekend,” Lamberson says. “Debbie brings her A game every time, but she’s brilliant as Dr. Thulu. She did some great improvisations and added a lot of physicality to her role that set the bar for the entire production. Jessica appears in 90% of the film, and has to be on set every day of principal photography, and is doing a tremendous job. Her comic timing has been impeccable, and her fearless performance is going to make her a B movie star. Bob and Sam have been in a lot of films, but I’ve never seen them funnier.”

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Killer Rack shoots weekends through the end of September. Genre veterans Kaufman, Roy Frumkes (Street Trash) and Michael Thurber (Exhumed) all have upcoming scenes. Richard Chizmar of Cemetery Dance Publications, Tim Walton and Tim O’Hearn of Crow Nan Productions, Cheryl Clements and Ann Voelkel of River Ridge Reels, and John and Terence Kimmel of Impulso Indo Investments are executive producers, and Marc J. Makowski and John Maclay are producers. Chris Rados is the cinematographer, Armand Petri is the music director, Phil Gallo is editing, and Brett Piper is providing stop motion animation.

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