Scarlet Fry Returns with “Scream Machine”

7/17/14 – USA


From the Producers Of Death By VHS comes Five new Twisted tales in this New Horror Anthology Comedy Titled “SCREAM MACHINE”!

Scarlet Fry (“Death by VHS”) takes on a new look as your quirky and crazy projectionist. The delusional horror icon/legend brings you five new twisted tales full of more gore then a Herschell Gordon Lewis Movie. The five tales are designed to make you so grossed out you may throw up your own guts just by laughing. This production will be the best looking & bloodiest film to date from Deadly Indie Entertainment.

“Scream Machine” will be introduced By Troma Films own Lloyd Kaufman, and may feature Ari Lehman if money can be raised through their indiegogo campaign posted below. Tales include “The Sledgehammer”. about an amazing Major League pitcher who can kill with his fastball… “Loves a Loaded Gun”, about a love triangle gone horribly wrong… and an homage to “American Psycho” with decapitated oral sex, and more! Watch As Scarlet Fry returns To host this twisted gore fest as women fling their panties at him (there will be nothing short of Fry protesters as well)! A Fun Filled Comedy Horror Gross out to satisfy the most jaded horror fan. If you love Scarlet Fry, or love to hate him, this is the Movie For you!

Swing by the Indiegogo campaign and support!

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