“A.R.C. Angel” Raising Funds to Bring War Between Heaven & Hell to Life

6/16/14 – Los Angeles, Ca


A.R.C. ANGEL: KALINA – RESURRECTION, a Los Angeles-based feature film has just launched its funding campaign to raise the film’s production budget. A.R.C. ANGEL: KALINA – RESURRECTION chose IndieGoGo https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/a-r-c-angel-kalina-resurrection a popular crowd-funding website, to raise 100 percent of their goal, and have begun receiving donations for their new action-packed scifi/fantasy feature film. This campaign is set to run through August 8, 2014, generating excitement and buzz for the upcoming film. The goal of this campaign is to raise the necessary funds to produce the most ambitious and daring project by it’s production company, Redcape Cinema Productions to date, which has been already slated for distribution at completion of film. To that end, the production has assembled an remarkable cast and crew, with an outstanding story-line and plot, showcasing great action and fight scenes surrounded with stunning visual effect to possibly rival the big studios. 99% of funds raised (minus Indiegogo’s fees) go strictly to production costs. Plus, a small portion of final funds raised will go to the American Red Cross.

A.R.C. ANGEL: KALINA – RESURRECTION will be produced and directed by multi award-winner Ron Santiano (CEO/Founder – Redcape Cinema Productions), with screenplay written by Richard Ong (Co-Creator/Co-Writer), and will be shot by award-winning Laura Beth Love (Director of Photography), to name a few of many. The film will be released in mid/late 2015, first premiering in local Los Angeles film festivals, and then making its rounds to other significant top festivals, before launching its large-scale distribution.

The director produced a A.R.C. ANGEL: KALINA – RESURRECTION promo trailer for the film to give audiences a taste of what they have in store for if they pledge in the film. This promo trailer can be found on A.R.C. ANGEL: KALINA – RESURRECTION’s IndieGoGo page, along with an extensive list of donation incentives for potential supporters with upcoming personal statements from the director, cinematographer, cast and crew in following weeks of the campaign run.

A.R.C. ANGEL: KALINA – RESURRECTION looks to begin filming in October 2014 and is projected to fully complete the film by late Spring 2015. A.R.C. ANGEL: KALINA – RESURRECTION is an explosive action-packed Scifi/Fantasy drama that brings the archetypes of religion and mythology into the realm of political intrigue and the human condition. The cold war between the Heavenly Divine and the Eternal Darkness escalates to a point where human beings have become hosts to angels and demons. Angelic Race Covenant (A.R.C) is the Divine headquarters of the super-powered tactical operatives lead by Archangel Michael Sinclair. Their latest recruit is a woman named, Samantha — a victim of an organized crime run by vampiric creatures known as the Clan. Her lifeless body is resurrected by A.R.C. and becomes a host against her will to a powerful angelic entity. From that moment on, Samantha is no more and A.R.C. Angel Kalina is born. Torn between her human half and a mysterious force of the Divine, Kalina struggles to maintain her dual identity while she launches a one-woman vendetta against the Clan and her murderers.

The film has gained notoriety by its 6 minute promo video being nominated for “BEST GUERILLA SHORT FILM”. The promo trailer was featured at Action On Film International Film Festival in Monrovia in August 2013 and was well-received with eagerness to see more of the new female heroine. Plus, a few very positive write ups and blogs have been posted from The London Film Review, Film Threat and recently, Moviepilot.com regarding the potential of the new feature based on the promo video.

Ron Santiano has shared that this is not no ‘ordinary action film’. This new film is important, because it is showcasing a new hero, not only a new hero but a female hero – a heroine front and center, a woman of power.

Be a part of this winning film and visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/a-r-c-angel-kalina-resurrection to support and sign up. On Facebook as well, more information about A.R.C. ANGEL: KALINA – RESURRECTION can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/ARCAngelKalina


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