Eric Stanze Returns to the Director’s Chair with “Stoplight”

6/4/14 – St. Louis, Mo


Wicked Pixel has announced pre-production on their next feature, “Stoplight”, to be directed by underground filmmaker Eric Stanze (“Scrapbook”, “Ratline”).

Synopsis: “Sam Carter’s Pennsylvania to Arizona road trip is turned upside down when a troubled, terrified woman bolts from an alleyway, directly in front of his car. What could have been a tragic ending instead becomes the beginning of a fascinating journey for Amber Bedloe, who joins Sam for a cross-country road-trip odyssey. Pummeled by hardship her entire life, Amber uses the road trip to confront the darkness and violence of her past. She finally braves an unflinching look into herself – striving for bright horizons while descending uncontrollably into madness.”

The movie is currently in pre-production. To aid with production costs, Wicked Pixel is offering up pre-orders of the movie on Blu-ray which will ship approx two weeks before the eventual actual release date of the feature. Secure yours now and help support this next cult hit from Stanze and Co.

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