“Evil Night” Remake on the Way from Chris Seaver

6/3/14 – Rochester, NY


Cult horror directors Todd Jason Cook(Death Metal Zombies, Zombified) and Chris Seaver(Sexsquatch, Filthy Mcnasty, Teen Ape Goes To Camp) are teaming up for a remake of Cook’s 1995 shot on video horror film Evil Night. The remake will be the first in a trilogy. The two directors have a 21 year history dating back from when Cook’s Cemetery Cinema was the first studio to distribute Chris Seaver’s “Low Budget Pictures” films.

2014’s Evil Night will be Written and Directed by Seaver and Produced by Todd Jason Cook along with Executive Producers Alan Barclay and Michael Nelson. The film will be shot on two formats at the same time. Beautiful 4K and old school VHS. There will be 3 versions of the film to enjoy, including DVD, Blu Ray and VHS. The VHS version will have a different cut of the film with extra kills!

Cinematographer, Clint Kelly ( A.B.C’s Of Death 2.5, Sexsquatch) will shoot the project. Josh Suire ( Geek War, Terror At Blood Fart Lake), Meredith Host ( Taintlight, Phantom of the Grind House) Heather Maxon ( Death Bone, Wet Heat) are attached to star along with Olivia Young (Sexsquatch 2), Francine Mitchell (Phantom of the Grind House) and Roxanne Primpington (Death O’ Lantern 2). Evil Night will shoot this summer for an early 2015 release, 20 years after the original. The Sequels will shoot shortly after.

The release will also see two unique versions of poster art used for the DVD and VHS versions of the film. Jeffrey Sisson of the band Troglodyte and Warlock Home Video cover artist will be handling the DVD/Blu Ray prints and David Royal of Night Force Video will be handling the VHS prints.

“I’m super jazzed to be working on a new version of Evil Night. Todd has been a mentor of mine for over 20 years and this feels like such a cool and unique project to bring to the fans. The original is something I watched over and over back in the day when I was making my back yard shot on video horror and this feels like a “full circle” situation that I am excited and proud to be a part of. I hope to bring the fans a twisted new vibe to the world of EVIL NIGHT.” – Chris Seaver

“It is BEYOND AMAZING to see my first released feature Evil Night being re-made for today’s audience. Chris and I have always had a solid friendship and unique love for horror. I actually wrote and directed an entire film based off one phrase (6 words) from one of his films. That’s the kind of connection we have and with the passion Chris has for the genre, I can’t wait to see his take on my film!” – Todd Jason Cook.

Cook and Seaver are on the look out for a directors who are fan of old-school SOV films, and would love a chance to be a part of this unique and exciting trilogy.

If you are interested in being a part of EVIL NIGHT as far as donations for the budget, Special Make Up FX, Visual FX, Actors/Actresses, please contact Chris Seaver at warlockhomevideo.

For More Information Visit: www.screamtimefilms.com and www.warlockhomevideo.com

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