Charles Manson Unleashes Race War in “Honky Holocaust”

6/3/14 – Boston, Ma


In an alternate version of our shameful history of racism, Charles Manson’s plans to ignite a race war are successful and he burrows beneath the ground with his cult, and when the Manson Family emerges 35 years later, his daughter finds that the world she had been told of as a child is much different than she expected. Through a vessel of gore, sexuality, violence, and classic grindhouse film motifs, Charles Manson’s daughter learns the reality of race relations and takes it upon herself to reeducate the open-minded members of her father’s Neo-Nazi cult… and execute the rest.”

That’s the crazy description for writer/director Paul M McAlarney’s feature film “Honky Holocaust”. Produced by Bloody Hammer Films and currently being self distributed by Ungovernable Films, it stars Maria Natapov, Constantine Taylor, Lucas Fleming, Krisoula Varoudakis, and Blake Rickerson. It was filmed in Boston, MA.

No release date is as the movie is currently touring film festivals. It is expected to be available for public release in early 2015. To reserve a copy, email ungovnerablefilms for now, as “we don’t know what the festival run has in store and when we will be permitted to sell copies without getting disqualified from festivals.”

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