SRS Cinema Signs “Knightmare” for Distribution

6/3/14 – Syracuse, NY

redreunion001SRS Cinema LLC is proud to announce the acquisition of Tony Palma’s “Knightmare” (formerly title “Red Reunion”). “Knightmare” stars Elizabeth Diaz and Ryan Shank and centers around a group of former classmates who get together over a weekend for a high-school reunion. Putting the reunion together is Rebecca Crane (Diaz) a formerly shy girl that gained some national celebrity status after writing a coming-of-age book about a shy girl in high school. After a dozen or so guests show up, and dozens of drinks are consumed as the party kicks off into full gear: people catch up, bicker, flirt, and eventually begin getting killed off one by one. At first, no one notices, but by Saturday evening the survivors are confronted by the killer- an unlikely former classmate that has harbored a deep grudge against the graduated class…


Lots of blood flows…

Look for release details soon, hopefully before end of 2014.

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