Pittsburgh Filmmaker Returns to his Roots to Shoot New Film Director Elliot Sheedy’s first feature film to be released exclusively on GLORIOUS VHS

5/23/14 – Boston, Ma


CROWN OF GAMMA, a feature film about a young woman who falls in love with an otherworldly fitness instructor from a VHS tape, will film in Pittsburgh this summer. Written and directed by Elliot Sheedy, a current Emerson College MFA candidate, CROWN OF GAMMA will be released exclusively as a five tape VHS box set, a decision essential to the film’s aesthetic and even its plot. Most major film companies stopped distributing on VHS nearly a decade ago, but with CROWN OF GAMMA the dream lives on.

All fitness instruction scenes in the film were captured on an original MAGNAVOX Newvicon Handheld Color Video Camera, an original VHS tube-powered camera from the 1980s. The major scenes of the film will be shot in 4k resolution, but later converted to VHS analog tape during post production.


CROWN OF GAMMA is raising funds for production and distribution through a Kickstarter campaign until June 4th, 2014. VHS box sets of the film, as well as posters and other merchandise, are being offered to those who help bring the film to life, tracking lines and all.

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