“Fear of Darkness” Gearing up for Some Scares this Summer!

5/21/14 – West Palm Beach, Fl


“Fear of the Darkness” (aka working title “Mist in the Darkness”), the fourth film from Firecreek Entertainment, has entered the pre-production phase!  Starring Lj Ugarte, Luke Jeraci, Jenna Newhart, Eddie Maldonado,Cristina Encarnacion, Alexander Leonel Gonzalez, Mitchell Lemos,Jay Garland, Kelvin Adekunle,Walter Binns Jr, Christa Reday, Jenessi Garcia,Oliver Degirmen and Micheal Matthews, produced by Lj Ugarte, Danny Debs, and Jay Garland Jr, and directed by Danny Debs, “Fear of the Darkness” is a new psychological thriller based on the short story Written by Lj Ugarte. The original idea was to make a film based on an abandon amusement park, but since a similar film was already made in 2010, the original producers at Firecreek Entertainment and Odeso Star thought it should be changed.

Synopsis:  A mysterious group arrives at a very rural valley around the 1880’s only inhabited by a peaceful Native American community and trades tools and various goods to the tribe to gain there confidence. During this time the strangers begin to build a community and soon dominate the natives to there needs which soon lead to sacrifices based on Voodoo rituals and traditions. In time the Voodoo worshipers seem to either blend into the population growth that got attracted to the new community.  Flash forward to present time…  80 miles South of Hewclift University is where a group of ambitious college students and their professors are planning to embark on a week’s long trip to Washington DC for a convention. Professor Sean Raymond thought it would be an excellent idea to charter a bus and head up north for a road trip. When Professor Raymond though that it would be a great idea to take them through a scenic river route off the main highway, they made a strange detour through an open wooded area and the bus broke down near a small unknown town in the middle of nowhere. With no reception for their cell phones or WI -FI for their IPads, they’re stranded with no communication and left with the outside world to deal with. They were forced to wonder around the abandoned, forgotten town in search for help. The curiosity got the best of the group and one by one each student begins to vanish in horrific deaths, but slowly the surviving students discover that, this was not an ordinary town. It was build years ago, on a Indian burial ground. Once they can reach an area where the WI-FI works they quickly, try to communicate with the police and reach out to anyone in the outside world. The professor regrettably begins to vent that the detour was a big mistake and that they should have stayed on the main road where they can communicate with police and seek local help. It was up to the professor and the last remaining student to fight for their lives and discover the truth that plagued this abandoned town for years.


Production is set for June, 2014.

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