Wicked Things are on the Way from Tory Jones

5/15/14 – USA

katie and wicked one
The Wicked One is a Psychological Horror Film that focuses on a young girl who is admitted to a mental asylum claiming that a serial killer known only as The Wicked One is coming for her. Her shrink is confused and doubts her claims but as bodies pile up and weird things begin to happen he may find out otherwise.
The Wicked One is produced by Jonestown Films and Silver Chain Films and is written and Directed by Tory Jones. It’s focus to do away with any campy aspects and focus solely on horror. The film stars Katie Stewart (Overtime, Intrusion Disconnected) Deb Perkins (Night of The Dolls) Cheyenne Gordon (The Killbillies) and Ari Lehman (Friday the 13th). We have developed a script that will hopefully give birth to a franchise and introduce a new memorable slasher. The story pays homage to those classics that have came before all the while carving it’s own bloody path onto the Horror Scene. You can expect a terrifying thrill ride and if you’re a true horror fan may be able to point out quite a few “Easter Eggs” to other movies.
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