“Church of the Damned” Big Box Sell-Off

Hello all!

When we did the Church of the Damned Big Box release years ago, the first boxes came in digitally printed & I wasn’t pleased with them. They were redone to the quality we were known for, but I still have these leftover boxes and I hate throwing anything out. So Thurs starting at 7pm EST we’ll be clearing these out at the bargain price of just $10 each! They are true big boxes, just with digital printing so not as sharp, even the text on box is a bit dark and hard to read, but still a cool collectible to have esp for the SRS completest. Be there early we only have a small amount of these left!


“Church of the Damned” is among the very earliest works from the cult filmmakers The Polonia Brothers. It is a must see for SOV (shot on video) fans as well as PB fans, it is some amazing work for two teen filmmakers and shows a lot of heart.

“A small town is plagued with satanic murders, violent and bizarre. Local Investigator Messiah Ward and his partner Barney must unravel the clues and stop the bloodshed. The trail leads them to a dark coven of devil worshipers called The Brotherhood of Satan, and an encounter with a demon from the pits of hell. “

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