Get Admitted to “The Hospital 2”

5/16/14 – USA

Deviant Pictures has announced production on the sequel to their award-winning and controversial “nasty,” THE HOSPITAL. The sequel will feature Kevin VanHentenryck (Basket Case 1-3), Scream Queen Of The Decade Debbie Rochon (American Nightmare), and Scott Tepperman (Ghost Hunters International) and will be helmed, once again, by writers/directors Jim O’Rear (Don’t Look In The Basement 2) and Daniel Emery Taylor (Return Of The Swamp Thing).


THE HOSPITAL stirred up quite a bit of controversy and made international front-page news after taking home the prize of “Scariest Movie” at the Movie Days/Dark Zone celebration in Germany and then getting banned in Bulgaria and pulled from shelves across the U.K. due to its extreme and violent subject matter. Although Germany awarded the prize to the feature and released it in 3-D on blu-ray, the distributors still had to trim 20 minutes of content from the cut in order to pass international standards.

Due to the success of THE HOSPITAL, Deviant Pictures was guaranteed a worldwide distribution deal for THE HOSPITAL 2, sight unseen, if they would go into production on the sequel immediately.

With THE HOSPITAL 2, Deviant Pictures will revisit the formula that made the first one a success… extreme violence mixed with a very dark sense of humor. “We’re giving the fans more of what they want,” states Jim O’Rear, “but it’s going to be a very different film. The first one was, basically, a movie about people making snuff films… and it was shot amateurishly to mimic the feel and style of a snuff film. H2 will be a much, much slicker film. It’s going to be our Devil’s Rejects to our House Of 1,000 Corpses.”

Currently, THE HOSPITAL can be found, uncut, in over 150 million homes throughout the U.S. and Canada on cable, pay-per-view, and video on demand services and the uncut DVD can be found through almost all major retailers in the United States.

Deviant Pictures has just launched a crowd-funding campaign through IndieGogo where, for a limited time, fans can pre-order autographed copies of the movie and even have the chance to play a role and be killed in the film. More info can be found at:

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