Die Hard Dracula” Flies Into the Online World

The micro-budgeted horror spoof “Die Hard Dracula” (1998) has stretched its clammy fingers out to the world of online marketing with its new release on VOD. Long a cult oddity, several DVD editions over the years culminated in the Alpha Video DVD release in 2010.

The title is now available on streaming platforms, including Amazon, at lower cost and with better quality digital mastering.

It stars Bruce Glover (Diamonds Are Forever, Chinatown), who teams up with Denny Sachen,the “Bugle Boy “ guy, and gorgeous Kerry Dustin from the David Letterman Show, for a good natured, blood-sucking battle royale against a Dracula trying to provide his family of brides with new blood. An Ambitious, mini-budgeted updating of the Dracula legend that features flying coffins, a shapeshifting Dracula who flies like Superman, spews lightning from his fingertips when threatened, and keeps a few sexy vamps around the castle.

Great late-night fare with sensuous vampiresses, a 500 year-old castle, a hilarious bedroom scene, quotable campy dialogue, and the eeriest crypt of real skeletons you’ve ever seen.

Reviews: Ranked in the top 50 Worst Horror Films by Rotten Tomatoes.

“The opening coffin scene was worth (it), because it made Bacardi Breezer come out my friend’s nose.”
IMDB Review 4 april 2005 by nomadicbynature

Youtube- Big Mike’s Reviews
‪Skac01‬ – holy crap! is that music actually used in the sex scene? Jesus Christ, this movie looks like a must have!

Youtube Review by Attack The Schlock


Amazon: https://amzn.to/2BxruZT
VHX Streaming – www.diehardDracula.com

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