“Myriad” In Development from Eleventh Hour Films

5/13/14 – Chicago, Il


Eleventh Hour Films has announced their next film, a horror feature entitled ‘Myriad’.  The film follows Corrida, who survives an attempted armed robbery.  Celebrating her luck at a party she meets Nate, a scientist at Fermi Labs.  Just as things begin to come together in her life she finds a recorded message on her computer, a message from herself she has no memory of making, telling her not to trust Nate.

‘Myriad’ drifts in the realm between science fiction and horror.  The feature comes from the director and writer of ‘The Darkest Part of the City’ and ‘Next Time You’ll Know Me’, Steven Payne.  Steven Payne has 2 short films featured in the upcoming ‘World of Death’ compilation DVD from Scothworthy Productions, and he is the winner of the TLA Cult horror short film competition.

The film is casting and will be shot on locations in Chicago beginning early June.  The film does not have a distributor, and interested parties can contact Eleventh Hour Films for more information.

Check out the director’s reel meantime at https://vimeo.com/87354609

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