Death-Scort Service Part 2: The Naked Dead Campaign

Title: Death-Scort Service Part 2: The Naked Dead
Year: 2017
Plot: Deep in the heart of Las Vegas a new killer has emerged!  having survived the previous psycho’s last wrath (Michelle) Krystal “Pixie” Adams is left behind to start anew and forget about her black past.  Problem is this new murderer is unstoppable!!! A new group of up and coming hookers are on the streets left to pick up the pieces  and start fresh.  Will they survive, or will they become prey to this maniac slasher!!!
When we reach our $1,000 goal, everyone who purchased the DVD-CD combo pack will also recieve a free copy of the original Death-Scort Service on DVD!!!
Death-Scort Service 2 Cast of Characters
Michelle –  Krystal “Pixie” Adams
The God Mother – Linda Gamette
Kate –  “Sushi” Xhyvette Holder
Lacey – Katie Mckinley
Allison – Lady O
Frank the Pimp – Eigh8t the Chosen One
Maple – Kelly Hellen Thompson
Buddy – Bob Glazier
Frank’s hooker #1 Cinnamon – Gia Love
Frank’s hooker #2 (Isabell) –  Amanda Dillard
Willie Maybach – Jules Sciero
Willie’s Hooker( Sheira)- Stephanie Jensen
Willie’s Hooker #2 ( Camille)  – Erika Faith Lindbloom
Peaches –  Lucian Cline
Ivy –  Nadia White
Father George Patel –  Pete Girard
Father Jeckyl Piercy –  Greg “The Hammer” Freeman
Extras: Alberto” Pizza” Giovannelli, Mady Giovannelli, Mike Brantley
Killer’s stand in : Sean Donohue
Voice of the Killer: Ryan Nicholson
Music by Toshiyuki Hiraoka
Special F/X by Picardo Limbo and Hannah Moon
Special F/X Props and Prosthetics by Marcus Koch
Cinematography and Editing by Chris Woods
Casting by Sean Donohue and Chris Woods
Lighting by Sean Donohue and Chris Woods
Graphics design by Chris Woods
Additional Camera Sean Donohue
Wardrobe by Brenn’s Sexy Wear and Dream Girl Accessories
Production assistants: Ashley Lynn Caputo, Stephanie Jensen
Cover Art by David Royal
Produced by Chris Woods and Sean Donohue
Executive Producer Mike Donohue
Written and Directed by Sean Donohue
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