Jerry Lentz Hopes to “Juice Your Brain” Starting with this Fundraiser Campaign.

5/12/14 – Nashville, TN


Filmmaker Jerry Lentz is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for his new flick, sweetly titled “I juice Your Brain”.  Seeking just a $5000 budget, funds will be used for the following:

“Your Kickstarter contribution will help us squeeze through the financial challenges an indie, DIY, horror film has ahead of itself. We will juice every penny out of the budget to make this a work of art in cinema:

  • Funding to film young southern actresses willing to wear very little and be splattered with blood, gore, fruits and vegetables.
  • Funding to hire at least one, once famous horror icon who now spends their valuable acting time signing autographs at conventions when they could be illuminating the screen with their timeless presence and ageless talent.
  • Music rights and clearances for cool unsigned Nashville, Muscle Shoals, and Alabama alt rock bands you’ve never heard of but will love.
  • Finishing costs including color correction, audio mix, final editing, messy and bloody cleanup, etc.
  • Film festival costs, promotion, advertising, marketing, digital download hosting.

Nikki’s Juice Bar has accidentally created a new recipe to stay young and fresh forever!”

Swing by Kickstarter and support!

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