Ultimate Underground Fan Johnny Dickie Ready to Unleash “City of the Dream Demons”

5/12/14 -Philadelphia, Pa


“The second feature from Director Johnny Dickie (Slaughter Tales), City of the Dream Demons, is gearing up for a mid to late 2014 DVD/VHS release!

Tommy has been having bad dreams as far back as he could remember. He could never sleep more than 8 hours without waking up screaming. Now, on his 16th birthday, he sleeps in till 2pm, and is ready to party! Will him and his punk friend spat survive the birthday bash? The out of control back-ally partying? And the 5 blood thirsty dream demons who are ready to paint the town red? These demons are ready to party the only way they know how…. mass slaughter! Can Tommy and his punker friends stop the evil creatures of the night? Or will they become more cattle to the world’s largest human slaughter house, The City Of The Dream Demons!”


“The blood is red, and it flows. Stabbings, shootings, axings, slashings. It really does have it all.” -Mark Krawczyk, www.gutsandgrogreviews.blogspot.com

“The story for this one is fun and told beautifully.” -Mac Brewer, www.horrorsociety.com


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