Hello and welcome to B-Movie.com

Welcome to B-Movie.com!

What’s a B-movie?  With the definition changing so much over the years, and many of the fans of these B-movies of different eras growing up and becoming major players in the Hollywood scene, B-Movies are no longer regulated to the underground or independents.  Doesn’t matter the budget, from $100 to $200,000,000, if it’s weird, different, obscure, outside the norm, then we consider it a B-Movie.

B-Movie.com not only supports the Hollywood level B-Movies but we especially have love for indie, underground and fringe cinema. This is a place for filmmakers and companies to come and share info on their productions – promote your features from concept through release (or even multiple releases).

Send us your press releases.  Be sure to include a date, location, images and any special weblinks like official websites and trailers. B-Movie.com will promote the following & more:

CONCEPT – Starting work on a new screenplay? Gathering commitments from talent? Starting a fundraising campaign? Send it here.

PRE-PRODUCTION – Securing locations? Movie all cast? Shoot dates announced? Send it here.

PRODUCTION – Shooting your new movie? Let the world know. Send it here.

POST-PRODUCTION – Production done? Editing started? Secured a musician? Unveiling art? Debuting trailers? Send it here.

RELEASE – Your movie out on DVD? VOD? Self-distribution? Signed a distribution deal? Let people know where to find it. Send it here.

B-Movie.com is dedicated to productions of all sizes; from backyard epics made for a few hundred dollars to genre based features with Studio or Hollywood level funding; from extreme horror to light-hearted romantic comedy, we will promote your work. If you think it’s a b-movie, which can be anything made outside Hollywood to anything made that fits a genre outside the norm, then we want to know about it.

Oh and send us 1-2 pics with your PR as well. .jpg, 150-200 dpi preferred.  SUBMIT PR HERE.

B-Movie.com itself is reserved for feature films – basically 65 mins or longer. And also just press releases. But if you have a short, you have additional info or pics you want to share, maybe a great review, additional merchandise, a convention for film fest appearance, then we encourage you to swing by our message board on Facebook. Sign up and share away. We will never get mad if you share too much, just avoid repeating info is all we ask. This is a great place to interact with the fans, and in turn encourage them to share their opinions of your movies and pictures of your releases on the pages.

All are welcome at b-movie.com. We don’t have a giant ego. We won’t omit anyone because they conflict with what we are doing. We aren’t trying to take over the underground industry. We are simply trying to help you get the word out to fans and in turn all benefit for increased awareness of indie cinema.

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