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Written by Written by Joe Sherlock   
Aug 13, 2005 at 02:00 AM
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Double Take: Shelley Michelle
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Shelley Michelle is not only the star of a new sci-fi click, GALAXY HUNTER, but she also co-wrote the screenplay and is the film's executive producer. But, Shelley is probably most famous for body doubling Julia Roberts in the movie PRETTY WOMAN. To date, Shelley has doubled for more 85 actresses including: Kim Basinger, Sandra Bullock, Catherine Oxenberg and Madonna. I know I've seen her on several talk shows talking about the world of body doubling.

Shelley has had her legs insured by Lloyds of London for $1 million dollars and in 1992, The Cannes Film Festival officially declared her, "The most photographed Hollywood Starlet since Marilyn Monroe." Most recently, Shelley is finding a whole new audience as a top fitness model.

The rundown on GALAXY HUNTER is as follows: In the distant future, on a planet in a far away galaxy, AGENT 3V3 (Stacy Keach) of Earth's Central Command has been captured while on a clandestine mission. Getting the call to rescue him is Government AGENT 3V51, better known as GINGER (Shelley Michelle). After enlisting the help of four sexy, female bounty huntresses, GINGER must navigate her way through the hostile Planet 7X's environs to find and rescue this lost agent.

Standing in Ginger's way is ZIDIAN, an intergalactic drug lord and long time nemesis of Central Command. In her struggle to conquer ZIDIAN and rescue 3V3, GINGER comes face to face with the evil that was in fact the source of her very own personal tragedy.

Sounds pretty cool to me, so we tracked Shelley down for this DARK GALLERY interview.

DG: How did you find yourself in the business of body doubling?

Shelley: You could say I got a "leg" in the door, rather than a foot! I auditioned for Kim Basingers legs at 20th century fox. I beat out 5000 pairs of legs!

DG: You've doubled for over 85 actresses (and counting!) - do you plan to continue in this specialized field, in addition to acting yourself? 

Shelley: I am the owner and founder of Body Doubles & Parts, Inc., so I now cast doubles. I am transitioning into a action hero star. Galaxy Hunter is a warm up to Jane Blond DD7. I am proving I am not only "fit" but can act too!!

DG: Galaxy Hunter sounds like an exciting sci-fi project - as the co-writer, how did you come up with the idea?

Shelley: I felt the role of an action hero would be the best angle to show my talent and training. I've always dreamed of being a female "Bond"!!

DG: In addition to starring in the movie, you are one of the executive producers - how did you go about finding a director for Galaxy Hunter?

Shelley: My partner was Chris Peters, son of Jon Peters. He helped me to find Mark Borchetta.

DG: How did Stacy Keach to work with?

Shelley: He loved the role and was a pleasure to work with. He got to know everyones name and was very humble.

DG: What can we look forward to in the near future from Shelley Michelle?

Shelley: Jane Blonde DD7/DOUBLE D 7. I am Miss Armed Forces for the USO and perform worldwide for the troops. My movie is on over 600 military bases wordwide! They have boosted my sales, that's for sure !!

Check out more of Shelley at www.shelleymichelle.com
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