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Written by Written by Joe Sherlock   
Aug 13, 2005 at 02:00 AM
Sub Rosa head honcho Ron Bonk recently gave DARK GALLERY the scoop on the upcoming B-Movie Weekend, July 21-22-23 in Syracuse, New York.

Ron: Basically, starting Thursday we are doing a sale, then that night have bands playing at the Half Penny Pub in Syracuse, then the sale continues Friday and Saturday, with Junk (courtesy of Unearthed Films) playing Friday night at 11:30 p.m. at the Palace Movie Theater, Song of the Dead (a new flick starring Reggie Banister, courtesy of Chip Gubera) playing Saturday night at 11:30 p.m. During the days we will encorage local folk/talent to stop by and sign up for acting, extra, or general help working on the movies. During the showings folks wanting to be on the B-Movie Film Fest Board can drop off applications. Money raised will go towards the fest 2006.

The bands participating in the B-Movie Weekend include "In This Program," "Grey Skies," and "Scholar."


IN THIS PROGRAM calls themselves, "indie noise rock from Syracuse." Vocalist Jesse Brooker says, "As for future goals, in.this.program. wants to just be able to make great music and if we could get a deal with a independent record company that be great too. We are loud. REALLY LOUD." Check out the band's page at www.geocities.com/inthisprogram.


GREY SKIES: Music has never sounded so good. Like a man who has crossed the desert and is only now just tasting water from what he originally thought to be a mirage, GREY SKIES AHEAD brings forth a sound like a waterfall. Prepare to be drowned in the soul-capturing, breathtaking, mind blowing element that is GREY SKIES AHEAD.

Pieced together from the structure of various local favorites, GREY SKIES AHEAD had seen enough of the generic churning of the media, spitting out cookie cutter bands with no substance, no emotion, no soul. Deciding that they had seen and heard enough, a joint effort was put forth to redefine a genre that had been beaten to death.

Bursting forth will a brilliance previously unheard of in todays indie and main stream, these six individuals have strived to create tremulous emotion. Pouring every ounce of their beings into each note, these artists will paint a masterpiece in every word, in every breath.

With your past, we have built the future. www.myspace.com/greyskiesahead

SCHOLAR: calls itself, "emo from canadagua." You can find out more at http://ihatescholar.cjb.net or http://www.myspace.com/scholarny. As they say, "Our bio is on there, and our goals are to not take over the world...just take over certain cities." How did it all start? "It all started in a locker room when 5 guys got naked after gym class and slapped each other in the ass with towels. Okay maybe that is a slight fabrication. Scholar came together from the debris of several bands we used to be in. The basic story going around these days. We've been practicing hardcore for the last few months and have finally started getting the sound we aspired to achieve and we hope you all like it. Mixing the normal with their own outside influences ranging from everything you listen to all the way down to Michael Jackson, so hopefully you'll like what we have to offer! And if not you can always pick on us. And/or Brent's long flowing hair. Keep checking back. Soon we will have a new bio, audio, pictures, and more links! Be our friends. We have no one else."

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