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Written by Written by Joe Sherlock   
Aug 13, 2005 at 02:00 AM
With a title like SONG OF THE DEAD, Writer/Producer/Director's Chip Gubera's zombie musical seems like a perfect fit for the B-Movie Weekend!

DG: Tell us a bit about yourself, Chip - Where are you from? How did you get inspired to make zombie movies?

Chip: I grew up in Joplin, Missouri and graduated from University of Missouri-Columbia with a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies in Film, Communication and English in 1999. I was first inspired to make films after viewing the cult classic "Evil Dead," which Sam Raimi directed on a shoestring budget. My first enterprise, a 20-minute mockumentary about the life of a zombie entitled "The Zombie, The Hunger, His Story" debuted at a Joplin coffeehouse when I was 19.

DG: What else have you done leading up to SONG OF THE DEAD?

Chip: I have produced over 20 films since that fledgling effort, six of which proved award winners at film festivals and events throughout the nation. As a member of Kansas City's Independent Film Coalition (IFC), I won first place in their 2002 One Night Stand competition. In cooperation with Emmy-winning Editor James Robert Swope, I created "The 10-hour Headache," which tied for first Place in the 2002 Kansas City Filmmaker's Jubilee. My 16mm short "The Wilding" traveled across the country in 2003's Free Forum Film Festival, and my music video for Heavy Metal group Slugtrail was released on Heavycore's "Roasting Posers" DVD.

DG: How would you describe SONG OF THE DEAD?

Chip: This zombie Musical-Horror film comes complete with sexy dancing zombies and a rock opera score. Political satire congeals with buckets of blood!"

DG: Who do you think is going to dig this flick?

Chip: Fans from a multitude of genres: SONG IS THE DEAD is "Night Of The Living Dead" meets The Who's "Tommy!"

DG: So what's the plot all about?

Chip: All across America, the Jihad Resurrection Virus (JRV) seeps into the pores of the dead, waking them from their sleep and ghoulishly transforming peaceful corpses into flesh-devouring zombies. Circumstances surrounding the biological release of JRV and subsequent zombie infestation remain conveniently shrouded in mystery. The President calls upon Americans to unite and resist this treacherous "terrorist attack." One Missouri family struggles to cope with existing internal conflicts while battling these bloody, reeking "zombie terrorists." Pervasive news media constantly breaks in throughout the crisis, drumming up fear and suspicion. Electrifying song and dance numbers come together with gore, humor and political satire!

DG: And PHANTASM's Reggie Banister is featured as The President of the United States! Even if you can't make it to the B-Movie Weekend, you can find out more about SONG OF THE DEAD at www.showmepictures.net.

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