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Written by Written by Joe Sherlock   
Aug 11, 2005 at 02:00 AM
Robyn Griggs started acting at age three and has appeared the soap operas ONE LIFE TO LIVE and ANOTHER WORLD on NBC. As of late, Robyn has been focusing on independent projects, including plenty of horror. She spoke to DARK GALLERY about her latest release, SEVERE INJURIES, and what's she's been up to.

DG: How did you first hear about or become involved with SEVERE INJURIES?

Robyn: I was approached By Mike Watt and Amy Lynn Best about the production. I immediately was interested, not only was the script awesome, but the people involved all were people that were there because they wanted to be, it was a great movie to be a part of.

DG: I've read that most or all of your stuff had to be shot in just one weekend. Did that make for a hectic shoot?

Robyn: Actually, I prefer fast shoots, it just really makes you focus more in my opinion. The shoot did not seem hectic at all, it was a well organized production and as I have found out, If something isn't organized, then it doesnt matter if you have 2 weeks to shoot or two days, it HAS to be organized to succeed.

DG: Any funny or otherwise good stories from the set?

Robyn: I think it was a fun set to be on because we all were friends and so that made it easy to shoot. I just recall lots of good times. Can't give away too much..hehehe

DG: You've become good friends with director Amy Lynn Best - do you have any plans to work together in the future?

Robyn: Actually yes, Amy and Mike have another project that they are working on that I am involved with. I really like working with them a lot.

DG: What other projects might fans be able to look for in the near future?

Robyn: There is actually alot going on right now, Loves Young Nightmare, the cd I completed with Matthew Jason Walsh just came out, I have been cast in The Demons5 with Robert Englund, Gunnar Hansen, Kane hodder, Bill Mosely and more. I am currently working on the prequel for Dead Planet, and I am writing a screenplay also. Plus again I am working on the horror Convention Twisted Nightmare Weekend, www.twistednightmareweekend.com so yes lots going on and I still want more.... hehehe... I'm a workaholic :)

DG: TWISTED NIGHTMARE WEEKEND - it's scheduled for August this year, correct?

Robyn: Yes August 5,6,7. this year we have the full cast of Evil Dead including Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi, plus we have a screamqueenathon, with Brinke Stevens, Debbie Rochon, Linnea Quigley, Lilith Stabs and myself. Michael Berrymen is another person that will be at the show too. All the people are really wonderful people and I am thrilled to have them at the show. As always, we will continue to build on the guestlist unil mid July, so get prepared. Also, If anyone reading this wants to come out to the convention, the hotel has discount rooms also. I am very excited, I think I might also sing at the show this year.. could be scary :)

DG: Anything else you'd like to add?

Robyn: Just want to say thank you for this interview and to all the people that have been supportive of my career. you all are why I love to work :)

DG: Keep up with Robyn at http://www.robyngriggs.net

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