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Written by Written by Joe Sherlock   
Apr 25, 2005 at 02:00 AM
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Bangers, Crushers and Witches, Oh My! Video Vixen Stephanie Beaton
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Stephanie Beaton has been steaming up screens and screaming bloody murder in countless horror and sexy movies like Bangers, Headcrusher, and Witchcraft X.

DG: You've said that you've been a fan of horror movies since childhood. What are some of your favorite movies from growing up and why?

Stephanie: I liked "Phantasm"! That was my favorite. Anything that scared the shit out of me like when the gnomes came up from under the bed and grabbed the kid. I coudn't sleep at night for weeks, or the ball that went into that tall man's forehead! Well that did it for me with blood! I was fascinated with it ever since. I also liked "the Shining", "Poltergeist", "Halloween", etc... You know I liked that "Night of the Scarecrow".. And that film made me want to be chased by a semi or tracker with no one driving it. I know, I'm a freak!

I first saw Phantasm on cable tv when I was 4 years old. I remember that like it was yesterday. There is also another film that I remember seeing the previews for but not too sure of the name. I saw the previews when I was at the drive-in back in Alliance, ohio when I was also 4 or 5 yrs. old. I was there to see King Kong, but the previews were for a film called "Black Christmas".... I remember this hairy looking thing jumping out in front of this woman and attacking her. All I remember after that was ending up in the backseat of my mom's car. Ha ha! I heard they banned the film after that and never aired it bacause of the title. I wish I could see that one again.

DG: How did you get started in the business? How did you go from aspiring actress to being a working actress?

Stephanie: My first film was "Unnaturally Born Killer," followed by "Ninja Zombie Gangbangers."

DG: Which was later retitled as just "Bangers."

Stephanie: Before then, I had just done some runway modeling, calenders, etc. But after 1995, my life took a big turn around and things just all come together. So far I've done over 21 films and more on the way. Plus I have my own production company, "Silver Moon Productions."

DG: I remember you telling the story about a movie you were shooting and a bunch of cops showed up while all of you were holding guns. Can you describe that one?

Stephanie: It was on the set of "V-World Matrix". We were shooting this one scene in Santa Monica and we just arrived there. The director, Ron Ford, had his fake guns but they did look real, very real. Anyways, just has Ron was making my bullet wound mark on my forehead, we noticed a cop car pull up. Well the two actors dropped their guns and put their hands up. They looked at the guns and then still preceeded to call it in because apparently there was a couple of guys a few blocks away that had guns outside of a liquor store. As they were doing this, we all started to look around and noticed that there were about 6 cops in different locations hiding around the walls with their AK47'S pointed right at us! Boy that was a day. Then of course 8 cop cars surrounded us. It was a shoot to remember.

DG: Aside from being surrounded by cops, what is the worst part about being an actress in low-budget movies?

Stephanie: The worst part is working on a set with a bunch of horrible people and there isn't to much you can do about it. When you work on non-union projects, it's a whole lot different then union films. Most of the times you are freezing your buns off, there is no food, and you go thru a hell of a lot. Its like a boot camp almost. If you survive the b-films, you can survive anything.

DG: How do you feel about nude scenes? Is it difficult to do nudity on set?

Stephanie: It's very hard to do nude scenes in films - no matter what people may think. I know a lot of friends of mine, particuly guys or aren't actors, that say they could do them in a heartbeat, but what they don't seem to realize is that once you take off your clothes, you are open and you feel open and you are nervous. I hate love scenes. I won't do total nude love scenes...I will only do topless and cheat shot the rest. So you won't see me in one of those late night Cinemax flicks out there. I don't want to be typecast as just another one of those girls in that whole realm. But I have known men to actually throw up before doing a scene because they were so scared! It's tough.

DG: Ricardo Islas, who directed Stephanie in his movie, Headcrusher, had a great story to contribute to this issue of Dark Gallery.

Richard: I've been making horror flicks for twenty years and I wish I had met Stephanie before. Whoever is crazy enough to make low-b movies knows that you don't need actors, but warriors and she's the best warrioress you can ever find. She arrived in Chicago in one of the coldest seasons we've had in years. We had a nice suite for her in a hotel in Down Town, but oops, we had some problems with the location we were supposed to shoot that night, (not with her acting) and we had to use her suite to shoot. So...it was six AM and there she was, with her suite invaded by camera, actors, death, you know.

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