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Written by Written by Joe Sherlock   
Apr 23, 2005 at 02:00 AM
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Have Evil Will Travel: Syn DeVil Hits the Highway to B-Movie Hell
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DG: How did you find yourself in the world of microbudget horror movies?

Syn: The internet is a beautiful thing! Mainly from starting out as a glamour/figure model. Getting on people's mailing lists and searching the web. A little hard work, lots of driving, a few auditions and here I am! I've always had an interest in acting but for a long time the only thing I was aware of is the big time stuff. Sure I would love to make that jump, but I find what I'm doing now very rewarding. I love getting an e-mail or having someone come up to me at a convention and saying, "Hey I just saw...or I loved you in..." That's what it' s all about!

DG: You travelled to Baltimore to play vampires in both STAKES and VAMPIRE SISTERS. While you are based on the east coast, are you pretty easily able to travel for parts?

Syn: Oh yeah, LOL. I do plenty of travelling. MD isn't that long of a drive for me. Sure I'm always ready to go unless I'm already doing something else. In 2004 I did a lot of travelling to California and Arizona to film Witch's Sabbath and Dark Places and some new conventions in Florida, Arizona and California.

DG: You had a small role in THE TENAMENT - was it a quick shoot?

Syn: Yep, that one was a quickie. A rare victim role! Hey, variety is the spice of life, no? Well, it all starts with some fun and games. I'm playing a feature dancer at a club. After that little tease, I run into our evil man of the movie and we head to the back room for a little private dance (I guess you could say I bring the beast out in him, hmmm?). He ends up...well, I can't give it all away so you're just going to have to watch and see.

DG: You recently completed two movies for Brain Damage: WITCHES SABBATH and DARK PLACES. What are they about and who do you play in them?

Syn: In Witch's Sabbath, I play Aurianna the lead witch. We must make a sacrifice of the human kind - 666 souls by midnight on All Hallows Eve to please our dark lord and keep our immortality. Great special effects - nice and bloody! This is probably my favorite role as of right now. I'm so evil in this one! Waiting for the release date is so damn hard!

In Dark Places, I play Lilith, an interesting, sinister woman with many hobbies! The storyline revolves around Kerri - she's a party girl, working girl and in for a hell of a time! Sometimes I'm her friend, other times I use her to assist in my "hobbies!' Heh heh... And a very dramatic final scene...I can't wait to see it myself!

DG: They were quick shoots, weren't they? How did everything go? With Ron Jeremy stopping by, you must have some funny stories from the set...

Syn: They were somewhat quick compared to big budget stuff but about average for b-movie. I was the one travelling the greatest distance so in both movies we had to get my parts done the quickest. Most of the other actors and actors were generally local to the area. Additional shooting took place before and after I was there. Oh yeah, Ron Jeremy was really cool and the fact that he is playing a bible salesman made it all the better! I really loved working on both. The cast and crew were awesome! We all put in some long days, but that's OK - it's all worth it int he end! Brain Damage rocks!

DG: Tell about your role in Ryan Cavalline's DEAD BODY MAN.

Syn: A little bit different than most of the other parts I've played. I find myself alone in the woods and my car won't start (maybe it's all that driving I do). Along comes a friendly stranger or so I think. He offers to hep and soon enough he gets a littel crazy. Well, he's a serial killer, what do you expect?! Do I live? Die? Kick his ass? Well, you are just going to have to watch it to find out!

DG: What would your dream role be?

Syn: That's an easy question! The Devil! The root of all that is evil (it would have to be a sexy female kind of devil of course)! Playing a dude might be stretching my acting abilities and just how would ya hide the boobs?! I love playing vampires and witches of course. Maybe a really twisted female serial killer would be cool, too! I just love being evil - it's so much fun!

DG: What can we look forward to in the near future from you?

Syn: After a little break for the holidays, I'm just starting to plan this year out, seeing what conventions I'll be doing. I was just at Chiller in New Jersey a few weeks ago. I should be shooting something soon with Ryan Cavalline and I'm sure much moe. The winter is just a bad time to be int he northeast so hey anyone out there shooting something in South Florida or somewhere warm, get in touch A.S.A.P.! Discount rates available! I'm very happy with the progress I made in 2004 and hope this year will bring even more my way. So check out www.syndevil.com for updates!

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