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Written by Written by Joe Sherlock   
Apr 19, 2005 at 02:00 AM
DG: Let's start with a little background - how did you get into horror movies and the low-budget video scene?

RC: I've always been into horror movies, since I was a kid. I just loved every type of scary movie out there. Plus I would watch the same creepy movie over and over again. I didn't care I loved it... It was in my blood... When I was kid, I decided that I wanted to make horror movies. That was my dream and it hasn't changed since. It started off with me doing horror comic books in school. I would spend all my free time drawing up this altra violent storys. To me the comic books were like a movie and each book become the sequel. Since I didn't have any equipment to make a movie, drawing was the next best thing. As I got older, I was able to get my hands on some video equipment and the movie monster in me begain. Since the age of 16, I've been making video horrror movies and I haven't stopped.

DG: Tell us about DEAD BODY MAN - what is it about? Who is in it?

RC: DEAD BODY MAN is about a serial killer who is called on by God to cleanse the world. Willie seeks out prostitutes and bad people, and enjoys torturing them mercilessly in his basement before ridding the world of their disgusting filth. As time wears on, so do Willie's nerves. He tries his best at a normal life by joining a serial killer support group, seeks full time employment, and even talks to the voices in his head. Nothing seems to help Willie, and he ends up taking drastic measures to finally put an end to it all. Willie is played by Eddie Benevich. The movie is a very dark horror/comedy that is full of blood, guts, and nudity. A must for any b-movie fan.

DG: The version of SERIAL KILLER that is out now is a bit different than the initial video release you did youself. Did Brain Damage Films have some suggestions for edits?

RC: When I got some free time in between movies, I decided that I wanted to go back to SERIAL KILLER and re-edit it and re-mix the audio. The movie never agreed with me and I really wanted to fix it up. So, I hit the editing room for a few months. We added a few new scenes and cleaned up a few others. While I was doing this, Brain Damage was interesed in my latest movie DEMON SLAUGHTER. So, while we were making a deal on that movie, I suggested SERIAL KILLER to them. I sent them an old screener copy of the movie and they liked it. So, by this time I was almost finished with the re-edited version. They made a few suggestions on the new version and signed it on. I really didn't think anyone would ever pick up SERIAL KILLER for distribution due to the violence in the movie but, Brain Damage was cool with it.

DG: As I recall there were a few interesting behind the scenes stories about making SERIAL KILLER. Care to share?

RC: One of the more odd moments was during pre-production. I had contacted Joel Wynkoop to play a cameo role in SERIAL KILLER. Joel was cast to play a character by the name of "Joe the Butcher". I mailed Joel the lines and waited on his response. He called me up and expressed that he would love to do the part, but the lines were just too raw for him to do. So, I flip out my script and look over the lines.

"Oh, I see Joel... You don't feel comfortable doing lines about masturbating animals and then having sex with them?"

Joel simply responded by saying, "No I don't feel comfortable."

At first I was over-joyed that I wrote something so great that an actor wouldn't even do the lines. Then I thought "Fuck" I just lost Joel. Well, I didn't want to lose Joel for the role since Joel is one of the best b-movie actors out there. I re-wrote the lines and Joel was cool with the new lines. After viewing his scenes and the new lines I gave him, I personally thought the new lines were worse then the origional lines. 

DG: What is DEMON SLAUGHTER all about? What was the inspiration or it?

RC: Its basially about a hitman who is on the run from his mob family. After steeling a bag full of money he heads to a cabin to hide out for awhile. While he's there strange things start happening. Zombies and Demons start attacking him and it becomes a fight to stay alive. This movie is my Evil Dead movie. I really wanted to do an action movie with zombies and this was my chance. But, I wanted the movie to be a little off the wall like the Evil Dead Movies. Its been quoted as a trip to Evil Dead with a touch of Pulp Fiction.

DG: What have you got in production now and coming out soon? I hear there is a DEAD BODY MAN sequel in the works?

RC: Right at the moment we just finished up Day of the Ax which is a slasher movie in the style of the Texas Chainsaw movies. The DVD masters have just been completed and I'm hoping to have that movie out by early next year. We are also in the pre-production stages of Dead Body Man 2. I've been getting such great emails about the first Dead Body Man movie that we knew that we had to do a sequel. I just hope it holds up to the first one.

DG: Anything else you'd like to add? RC: Just a quick note to all first time filmmakers... Don't talk about it, just do it. And do it cheap. Check us out at www.4thfloorpictures.com

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